What is Lupin Seed ?

The lupin seed is a light round pod, with great heating charcteristics. It is a clean natural seed that produces no dust or odour. Other grains such as wheat are not encapsulated like the lupin pod to resist moisture loss.

Can I re-heat my Flex-Heat pack ?

It is not recommended to constantly reheat the lupin pack. Reheat in 30 second intervals only and do not exceed a total heat time of 3 minutes in one use.

Do I need to heat the pack with a cup of water ?

No - Lupin seeeds are durable pods. However heating with a cup of water can create humidity and may extend the life of the lupin pack by negating moisture loss.

Can I wash the Flex-Heat pack ?

Do not machine wash. Avoid saturating the lupin seeds - the grain may sprout. Try to wet the cotton fabric only. Do not tumble dry. If the pack gets a little damp simply place in the microwave and heat for a recommended time.

How do I store the pack ?

Store in a cool, dry place. The lupin pack can also be placed in a sealed plastic bag and stored in the freezer.

I burnt the pack what should I do ?

If you accidently overheat your pack make sure the pack has cooled down and discard. The lupin seed is a natural product and can be damaged when over heated.

Are they Australian Made ?

Flex-Heat packs are 100% Australian Made from locally sorced materials.

Are they Approved by the TGA. ?

Yes. Flex-Heat is approved by the TGA as a class 1 Medical Device ARTG Number: 190284

Can I use the pack cold ?

Yes, Flex-Heat lupin packs can be used as a cold pack. Simply place the lupin pack in a sealed plastic bag (this prevents the lupin seeds getting wet.) and store in the freezer for at least an hour before use. Remove the plastic bag and apply.